Interesting FACTS you should know about ‘SHAZAM’.

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Interesting FACTS you should know about ‘SHAZAM’.

Now the Official Trailer of Shazam has released we are more excited for this upcoming DC movie than ever. Shazam movie trailer has received widely positive praise by audience. Before you watch this movie let us see some Interesting Facts about this GOD like Superhero ‘SHAZAM’.

  • Shazam was created by Artist C.C Beck and writer Bill Parker in 1939.Shazam
  • He was originally called Captain Marvel but due to trademark issue with Marvel Comics he was reintroduce as SHAZAM by DC.
  • His name is Acronym for Six ‘Immortal Elders’ and Power they give him.
    S – Solomon (Wisdom)
    H- Hercules(Strength)
    A – Atlas (Stamina)
    Z- Zeus (Lightning Power)
    A- Achilles( Courage)
    M-Mercury( Speed)

Shazam kid

  • He is actually 14 year old kid named Billy Batson, who is one day Confronted by a Ancient Wizard who gives him power his powers.
  • He can Teleport with use of Stone Of Eternity and able to see Future.
  • He is as strong and Powerful as Superman.superman vs shazam
  • SHAZAM can speak every Language that is spoken on earth.
  • His Weakness is High voltage of Electricity
  • During the fight Between SHAZAM and WonderWoman Universe was Destroyed
  • He once gave his Powers to Constantine by Mistake.
  • In the Upcoming Movie Zachary Levi will play role of SHAZAM.
  • His Arch Enemy BLACK ADAM will be played by Dwayne Johnson.Black adam
  • In SHAZAM movie Mark Strong plays role of Dr Thaddeus Sivana.

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